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Digital Panoramic facial X-rays and single-tooth X-rays are safer and are essential tools for accurate diagnosis of oral condition.

Dental x-rays are radiographic pictures of the teeth, bones and the surrounding soft tissues of the mouth. A dental x-ray can help to detect interproximal caries, hidden structures (such as wisdom teeth) and bone lost, as well as all of which may be missed during the visual examination.

  • Bite-wing (BW) and Periapical (PA)

BW and PA are very useful in the detection of tooth caries occuring between the teeth or under an exixting filling. It is also very useful to access the crestal bone levels between the teeth.

  • Orthopantomogram (OPG) and Lateral Cephalometry (Lat Ceph)

An OPG is a special type of x-ray that shows all the teeth, upper and lower jaw bone, sinuses, and other hard and soft tissues of the head and neck on a single film. An OPG is typically utilised in oral surgery such as wisdom tooth surgeries, implants as well as in orthodontics. Sometimes, it can also be used as a diagnostic tool for those who are at risk or suspected of having periodontal (gum) disease, cysts, oral cancer or other tumours of the jaw.

Lat Ceph provide x-ray image that show the entire side of the head. It is used to obtain precise measurements of the face and to examine the jaw in relation to the cheek bones for the identification of the patient nature bite. For this reason, Lat Ceph’s are commonly used in orthodontics treatment.

  • Digital X-ray Scanner

Introduction of the digital x-ray scanner eliminate the needs for the laborious and messy manual processing of the film x-rays which yellow over-time. Digital x-rays which is almost instantly and electronically processed can be stored perpectually. It provide more details, leading to more accurate diagnosis. The high sensitivity of the digital x-ray film to the x-ray beam minimised the dose of radiation to produce images, ultimately reduce the excessive exposure of radiation to the patient.