Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should I visit the dentist?

A: We usually recommend every 6 months for a check-up and professional cleaning. However, the dentist may require you to come back more frequently, which depends on individual’s oral health condition.

Q: Why do I need to see the dentist if I do not experience any pain?

A: Most of the time, we do not feel pain unless the decay have reached the nerve, which is too late to do a simple filling. Therefore, it is a good idea to come at least twice a year to have a comprehensive oral examination just to make sure everything is in place.

Q: What are the treatments that can be paid using my Medisave?

A: Only surgical procedures such as minor oral surgery, wisdom tooth surgery and implant surgery can be paid using your Medisave. For minor oral surgery and wisdom tooth surgery, the treatments are fully payable by Medisave. For implant surgery, the maximum deduction from your Medisave account is $1250 per tooth.

Q: Can I use Medisave to pay for braces/dentures/crown/root canal treatments?

A: No. Medisave can only be used to pay for surgical procedures such as minor oral surgery, wisdom tooth surgery and implant surgery.

Q: What are the dental treatments I can use my CHAS Blue/CHAS Orange/Pioneer Generation card for? How much do I need to pay?

A: Please click here to find out more about highly subsidized treatments at all our dental clinics.

Q: What are the payment modes available at our dental clinic?

A: All our dental clinics accept Cash, Nets, Visa and Mastercard for payments.

Q: Are there instalment plans for treatments like Dental Implant and Braces?

A: You may call any of our clinics to find out more information.

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