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Ethical and professional dentistry

Our Philosophy

Philosophy of GDC                                   

Founder’s message – vision & mission

-  We only engage the service of good ethical dentists best professional resume writers with kind, caring hearts and with a pairs of good clinical hands

- We believe in treating our patients’ conditions like treating our own loved ones.

- Prevention is better than cure may be cliched Prevention through education in solving the root causes of oral & dental diseases – show their compassion inside and beyond the clinic setting

- Providing affordable dental treatments

Good, honest & ethical dentistry at affordable prices for all

Providing competent, honest & ethical dentistry is the main focus of GDC’s practice. These are also the selection criteria for any dentists serving our patients at GDC. It is vital for us that we are treating your dental health issue like we are treating one of our loved one. No double standard.

We believe that making money in dentistry should be a by-product of our good work and never our main objective. Trying to find the easiest and the most economical ways to solving your dental issue should be the main driving force and not profitability. This will make the treatment for you not only affordable and also more acceptable to you. At GDC, we believe that quality dentistry should be accessible to all.

Prevention through education for a life-long of benefits

The concept of prevention through education of our patients is a very crucial part of your dental therapy. Treating tooth aches and gum pain are just symptoms of patient’s life style. To avoid future recurrence, understanding of the oral and dental diseases progression and their preventive measures should be part of the comprehensive treatment at GDC. Dental treatment to kill a mockingbird chapter 1 summary without life-long preventive change in behaviour is just a temporary solution to your dental woes. We want you to keep your teeth for life like a free-hold item, not just a while like a lease-hold part of your body.

Compassion – Touching hearts and spreading smiles

Having a compassionate heart is a very important component for being a health-care worker and that is one of the main criteria for selection of dentists who join GDC. On top of just providing dental health care for the masses, dentists of GDC also make it a point to serve the under-privileged locally with the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) and overseas  with our numerous charity humanitarian dental works since 1997. When you do business with GDC, be rest assured that your money will go an extra-mile by serving the under privileged locally and around the whole.

Professional up-grading – a personal responsibility

Our dentists take great pride in upgrading themselves on a regular basis to keep abreast of the latest techniques and technology in the dental industry in order to serve you better. That is our commitment to provide you with the latest in treatment standard.

 Must be something we did – Thank you for your referral

Our business has grown from strength to strength since our inception in 1996 and is strictly by word of mouth referral. Your continual referral of your loved ones and friends is the best testimonial of the quality of our standard of service and care delivered by the dentists of GDC.         Trust is build, one patient at a time, for almost two decades. Thank you for your continual support all these years.

We make you smile better    

For almost two decades, these are the things we did and still doing. At the same time, striving hard to improve ourselves. We have been improving the smiles of all the patients we come in contact with all these years. Knowing that we do more than physically improving your smile with our clinical skill, we do more than just your typical dental practise. We want to make this world is better place for everybodyThat’s what make GDC different from the rest. . Knowing that your patronage at GDC do make the world a little bit better. And for these reasons, we make you smile better.

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