How do I make my bubble tea more teeth-friendly?

How do I make my bubble tea more teeth-friendly?

Must I take the boring 0% sugar option? Must I ask for less pearls?


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Bubble tea sure can satisfy your sugar cravings, especially for those who have a sweet tooth. However, like any other sweet things out there, bubble tea can be harmful to your pearly whites! Bacteria love sweet things as much as we do. When we feed ourselves sugary treats, we are feeding these microscopic creatures in our mouths too and they will give us caries in return.


For those who want to reduce your sugar intake, choosing the zero percent option for the sugar level will make bubble tea better by significantly reducing the main cause of caries, which is sugar itself. However, not everyone is a fan of this healthier drink variant since the drink just hits different when it’s not sweet, but fret not! Here are some tips to make your favourite drink better for your teeth even if you don’t make it sugar-free.


Drink bubble tea together with your meals and finish it together with your food. 

Bacteria in our mouths continue to secrete acid if we keep feeding them. So, the longer and the more our teeth are in contact with food, the faster cavity can form. Since we are exposing our dentition to food during lunch and dinner, we can slip bubble tea into the menu. Keep it a habit to finish the drink as soon as you are finished with your food and it’s a big no-no to carry your drink around and keep sipping it little by little!


  1. Avoid sticky toppings

sticky pearls
yummy sticky pearls

Yes, sticky toppings such as the famous brown sugar tapioca peals would stay on your teeth surface longer than average, and hence it gives more time to enjoy the leftover sugar in your mouth! People usually purchase their drink with toppings because they want to chew on something while having their drink. If you order toppings for the same reason, you can opt for a less sticky topping such as aloe vera!


2. Refrain from chewing on the ice after you finish your drink

People say that it’s a habit for some people to chew on ice and hence people do it unconsciously whenever they order an icy drink. However, since ice is hard, it may exert a lot of pressure on your teeth. Over time, it may create fracture lines on your teeth, causing them to break eventually. So, for those who chew on ice, try to break the habit to save your teeth!


3. Rinse with water immediately after you finish drinking

It might be cumbersome for people to carry their toothbrushes and toothpaste wherever they go. Not to mention that it might be difficult to find a place to brush your teeth at. Therefore, to reduce the amount of sugar sticking to your teeth, try rinsing and gargling with water. If warm water is available, do use it! Warm water can help dissolve the sugar particles that are more persistent in sticking onto the surface of your teeth.


What if you get a toothache from drinking too much bubble tea?

Well well… you will need to see the dentist. No one can tell for sure if you are having a rotting tooth or whether your tooth can be saved, unless the dentist checks your teeth and gives you a diagnosis and recommendation.

Possible remedies for toothaches:

Root canal treatment


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In fact, bubble tea is not just bad for your oral health. A Singapore hospital has warned that bubble tea is bad for our overall health. It can lead to chronic illnesses such as heart disease and stroke.