The One Thing You Need To Secure That Job

We all know that acing job interviews are no mean feat, so how should you secure that job you’ve always wanted?

Other than all the pre-requisites like being dressed for the occasion, having the required technical knowledge and having good oral skills, there is one thing that will make or break your interview. Confidence.

Whether you are confident or not, it will clearly show throughout your interview. If you lack confidence, even if you are an expert on the job or even if you have a great speech to sell yourself, you will not be able to deliver on the actual day, and all your hard work would’ve come to naught.

Confidence Boost?

So, here’s the next question. How can you build confidence? Well, a lot of it starts from yourself. More specifically, your smile. Your face is the first thing people look at and thus is a focal point. Naturally, your face would also be the thing that you look at when you look in the mirror. And what constitutes the largest part of your face? That’s right, it’s your mouth.

Importance Of Our Little White Bones

Would you feel good if you gave yourself a toothy grin in the mirror only to be met with a row of crooked teeth, or a row full of with gaping holes? Hence, your teeth are a really important factor in helping you gain confidence and increase your self-esteem.

Time Is Ticking

Futhermore, it takes only seven seconds for someone to form a first impression, and in a job interview, first impressions are extremely important. If you walk into the room with a warm smile that exudes confidence, you would have a slight edge over someone who just walked in with a blank expression.

At this point, you might be asking, “But what can I do if my teeth aren’t perfectly straight? Or if I have missing teeth? Or yellow teeh? Or even bad breath?”

Do Not Fear, For We Are Here To Help

There is a way to solve your problem.

If You Have Crooked Teeth…

Available in a variety of colours, our tiny little “train tracks” are here to help straighten them! If you don’t like the idea of having them in your mouth, you can try our invisible braces – Invisalign aligners.

If You Have Missing Teeth…

Implants should do the trick! Once it is inserted, nobody will know the difference between it and your natural teeth.

If You Have Stained Or Discoloured Teeth…

Undergoing whitening treatment should leave you with pearly white teeth!

If You Have Bad Breath…

You can do either scaling, fillings or gum treatment to get rid of that odour.

Now go for your interview, flash that blindingly beautiful smile of yours and win the interviewer over!

Should you have any other problems or want other treatment options, feel free to visit our dentists at Greenlife Dental Clinic for help!