What are the different kinds of wisdom tooth impaction?


Wisdom teeth are the last 4 teeth to develop and emerge after all your other sets of teeth are in place. For most people, their wisdom teeth emerge between the age of 17-21. However, some come earlier or later, as everyone is unique!
The early stages of development would start as early as when the child is 10 years old. Here is how our wisdom tooth grow:

  • The tooth calcifies
  • The crown begins to form
  • The root develops
  • And finally, the teeth emerge through the gums!

Do you know?

Since the set of teeth emerge after adolescence, people assume that you have grown into a wiser person once you have wisdom teeth.

During these stages, the wisdom tooth is not deeply rooted into the gums yet, making the removal a far simpler process than that of an adult.

If you are unsure if your wisdom tooth have to be removed, ask our dentist during your next consultation!

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