4 Common Misconception Regarding Dental Implants

There are 4 common misconceptions patients usually have:
1. Implants are painful
Implants should not cause patients any pain if anaesthetics are given in appropriate amounts at the correct location. Please talk to your dentist should you be experiencing unbearable pain.

2. Implants are costly
Here at Greenlife Dental Clinic, implants packages cost $2,900 onwards before Medisave subsidy. The long-term benefits you have to gain from having implants definitely outweigh the short-term cost you experience monetarily.
You may claim up to $1250 from your Medisave for your tooth implant. * information is accurate as of November 2020

3. They bleed a lot after surgery
As long as patients follow the exact instructions from their dentist, it should be fine.

4. They can always extract their teeth and restore them with implants.
this is not the case as healthy natural teeth are always the best!

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