Crooked Teeth

Why Do You Have Crooked Teeth?

Crooked and overlapping teeth is very common and there are several causes for this condition. Malocclusion or improper tooth arrangement occurs when our jaw sizes and tooth sizes does not match, resulting in either the teeth getting into a cramp and overcrowded or too much spacing situation.

Wrong relationship between the upper and lower jaws also result in either upper or lower jaw protruding beyond the normal relationship.

Most of these abnormal dental or jaw condition are genetic, that is you may had inherited them from your parents or they may skip generations and just happened to you only. Whatever the causes, it is good to have it assess by the dentist for possible treatment.

Other causes of misaligned bites or teeth positions are premature loss of baby or adult teeth due to tooth decay or gum disease or trauma.

Other childhood bad oral habits in children that will affect the proper development of the jaw and teeth arrangement includes thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, mouth breathing, prolonged use of pacifier or feeding with milk bottle.

Why Should You Straighten Your Crooked Teeth?

Crooked teeth and misaligned bites can make proper oral cleaning more challenging as germs and food tend to trap in hard to reach areas, thus increasing risk of tooth decay and gum disease. If the malocclusion or malalignment of the teeth and jaw is severe, it may interfere with speech and chewing function.

The most damaging effects are the psychological problems of these unsightly teeth and jaw problem caused compared to the undesirable physical appearance itself.

It will make you self-conscious about your appearance and affect your self-esteem and confidence which may make you smile and laugh less, not willing to be photographed, avoid meeting new people in turns have huge negative impacts on your personal, social and professional relationships and their quality of life.

Teeth straightening with the help of braces or sometimes even jaw surgeries for more severe cases can help you eliminate the above physical and psychological negative effects and improve your quality of life for the better.

Almost all the people who are wearing braces are doing it for aesthetic reason and situation where people need braces to improve normal function of speech and eating are rare. Don’t be worried too much about how you look during the braces treatment, in no time you will be enjoying your new smile and look with improved self-esteem and confidence for the rest of your life.

Our Approach



Braces are dental devices used to align and straighten crooked teeth.

They can correct crooked teeth that are either too far out or too far inside compared to the normal position, rotated or angulated undesirably and even in cases with too much spacing between teeth.

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Invisalign is an alternative way to align and straighten teeth with a series of customised aligner that fit over the upper and lower teeth.

The aligners are made of clear plastic that is almost invisible when worn in the mouth and this is the main advantage of this treatment compared to conventional braces when esthetic is of a major concern to the patient.

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