Comprehensive Invisalign treatment with an orthodontist for $6,800.


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Greenlife Dental Clinic is passionate about serving people. We have served more than 130,000 patients over the last 26 years and counting.
Everyone deserves to have access to dental treatments that is of good quality and is affordable.

To serve you better, Greenlife Dental Clinics are located at 8-convenient and easily accessible locations that are within walking distance from the MRT stations in major heartlands across Singapore.

Thousands of satisfied patients had benefited from our core services:

What makes Greenlife Different

We are more than just a dental clinic, we are in the business of doing good for our patients and society.

Seeing ourselves as a social enterprise that brings much needed dental care to the underserved that had fallen through the cracks in our community locally and around the world, we aim to bring dental care beyond our clinics to serve those who cannot reach us because of social, economical or geographical limitations.

Who we are and what we do make us different.

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