Our Belief, Our Philosophy

Providing professional, honest and ethical dentistry is the main focus of Greenlife Dental Clinic. These are also the selection criteria for any dentist serving our patients at our clinics. We only engage the services of good ethical dentists with kind, caring hearts and with a pair of good, gentle hands. It is vital for us that we are treating your dental health issue like we are treating ourselves or our loved ones. No double standards.

We value ethics over profits and our patients over money. Trying to find the easiest and the most economical ways to solve your dental issues is the main driving force. Not profitability. This will make the treatment not only more affordable and also more acceptable to you. We believe that making money in dentistry should be a by-product of our good work and never our main goal.

At Greenlife Dental Clinic, we want to make ethical and good quality dentistry accessible and affordable to all.

Prevention through Education for a Lifetime of Benefits

Having a compassionate heart is a key component of being a health-care worker and that is one of the main criteria for selection of our dentists who join Greenlife Dental Clinic. Charity starts at home but it doesn’t need to stop there. On top of providing dental care for our private patients, many of our dentists and staff of Greenlife Dental Clinic volunteered to serve the underprivileged locally and overseas with our numerous humanitarian dental works since 1997.

For more than 20 years, we are still doing with more frequency and with larger teams of dentists and staff from our clinic.

We had travelled to more than 10 countries and served thousands of patients worldwide. Actually, this has become a major driving force of our dental business.

We exist for a purpose and this is our calling. Our purpose and cause is “To bring the joy of dental care beyond the clinics and to the world regardless of social, economic or geographical barriers” and our vision is “To become a social enterprise that transform lives positively around the world through dentistry”.

Greenlife Dental Clinic is also making impact locally with our humanitarian work. We partnered with the Government and Ministry of Health in the CHAS (Community Health Assist Scheme) and PG (Pioneer Generation) projects in order to reach out to the lower income families and the older generations of pioneers who helped to build our homeland. Our dentists also volunteered in serving the bed-ridden in nursing homes, senior citizen care center at the older HDB estates and charity dental clinic serving the foreign workers in Singapore.

We want to thank our existing patients for helping us to achieve our vision of serving the underprivileged locally and around the world. Knowing that your patronage at GDC does indeed make the world a little bit better, we make you smile better from your heart.

Must be Something We Did – Thank You for Your Referral

Our business has grown from strength to strength since our inception in 1996 (more than 22 years) and is strictly by word of mouth referral, even before social media existed. Your continual referral of your loved ones and friends is the best testimonial of our standard of service and care delivered by the dentists of Greenlife Dental Clinic. With the advent of social media, the referrals from our trusted patients have exploded with unsolicited rave reviews and testimonials.

Trust is build, one patient at a time, for more than 20 years. We want to say a “BIG THANK YOU” for your continuing support, trust and referral of your families, friends and loved ones to us all these years.

The concept of prevention through education of our patients is a very crucial part of your dental therapy. Toothaches and gum pain are just symptoms of your lifestyle and mindset. To avoid future recurrence of your dental problems, you need to have a basic understanding of the dental diseases and how to prevent future problems are part of the comprehensive treatments at Greenlife Dental Clinic. Dental treatment without life-long preventive changes in behavior is just a temporary solution to your dental woes.

Tooth decays and gum disease are just symptoms of your lack in certain dental knowledge and preventive skill. We want to treat the causes and not just the symptoms of your dental problem. Your teeth are meant to last a life time. With proper professional care, education and self-maintenance, we can work together to keep your teeth for life.

Professional Upgrading – A Personal Responsibility

New materials, techniques and technological advances are introduced constantly to the world of dentistry. Our dentists keep up with the latest techniques and technology by participating regularly in courses and seminars, apart from seeing patients at the clinic. This is our basic duty to upgrade ourselves in order to serve your better. So, if you ever find that your dentist is not in, he/she is probably attending a seminar or course somewhere.

Compassion, Our Passion – Touching Hearts and Spreading Smiles

We are DIFFERENT because “We Make You Smile Better”, for many reasons

For more than 22 years, the above are the things we have been doing and are still doing in even larger scale. We have been busy transforming the smiles of our many patients we encounter every day. We do more than physically improving your smile with our clinical skill, we want to do more than just your typical dental practice.

We value ethics over profits and our patients over money. We want to bring dental care beyond our clinics and to the world. We want to become a force for good. We want to make this world a better place through dentistry. That’s what makes Greenlife Dental Clinic different.