Student* Braces with Greenlife Dental

metal braces treatment

$35 (braces consultation)

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Our dentist will recommend you the treatment that is suitable for your case after assessing your dental condition.

metal braces
Student Package
metal braces
Adult Package
$4,200 onwards

  • Price quoted is subjected to 8% GST.
  • Price stated above includes initial consultation charge of $35
  • Price quoted does not include other dental treatments such as extractions, fillings, and additional scaling & polishing. (if required)
  • Price stated above does not include $5 Sterilisation and Disposable Fee
*Please show your student pass during consultation. Valid for 18 years old and below.

Teeth Straightening (Braces) consultation costs $35 at Greenlife Dental Clinic. This excludes X-rays (if required).
*Please show your student pass during consultation. Valid for 18 years old and below.

X-ray Scan
Metal braces brackets (option to upgrade to ceramic braces)
Monthly Review Visits
Basic Retainer x 1 Set (Worth $400)
The following is not included in the treatment package and is chargeable
Scaling and Polishing
Tooth Extractions
Sterilisation and Disposable Fee (per visit)
8% GST
*Patients will pay the monthly installment till the full package amount is paid.
1st Payment
$1,300 - $2,300
Monthly Installment
$150 per month
Submit a consultation request HERE or call our dental clinics directly Please look out for phone calls from our clinic. Our clinic staff will confirm your appointment with you few days before your consultation.
Braces treatment duration typically ranges from 12 to 36 months. There are many factors that affects this durations like age, cooperation level, timing of growth spurts in teenagers and of course the severity and complexity of the crowding of the teeth.

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If our Braces consultation slots are not available anymore or are not suited to your schedule,

We will contact you once a slot is freed up for you.

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