What are Invisalign Chewies and what do they do?

Although the same sounds like a gummy bear brand, Invisalign chewies are NOT candy.

They are Styrene Copolymer, a type of plastic that is flexible and rubbery. As seen in the picture, Chewies are shaped like a short tube, with a hollow part in the middle.

What are Invisalign Chewies for?

The purpose of chewing on these chewies is to have your Invisalign aligners has a better fitting, making them more comfortable and effective.

A newly issued Invisalign may not fit perfectly at first. To tackle this problem, you can simply chew on Chewies at multiple locations in your mouth to align the Invisalign nearer to the gum, pushing air bubbles out of the way, resulting in a better fitting of your invisible braces.

While having Chewies is not mandatory for Invisalign treatment, it is something simple that you can do at home to ensure that your Invisalign would give you the optimum result.

When is the best time to chew on them?

The ideal time for chewing on these chewies is at night before bedtime to ensure that your aligners stay in the correct position when you sleep.

Can I resue my Chewies?

Your chewies are reusable. Simply wash it with warm soapy water after use and it is ready to be reused! However, please change your chewies when you feel that it has lost its elasticity and shape. You would want to chew on a bouncy chewie, not a rigid one.

Alternatively, you can also ‘make’ your Chewies! Simply roll up a tissue paper until it resembles the thickness of a marker and starts chewing on it. Dispose of it after use, though, as it is not reusable.


Happy chewing! Happy teeth straightening!