Who is suitable for dental implants?

Dental implants have 2 main functions, to replace missing teeth and to help to stabilize loose dentures.

Almost anyone who has missing teeth or having problems with loose or denture wearing is a potential candidate for implants.

Common causes of tooth loss are teeth that are extracted due to tooth decay or gum disease, cracked tooth due to large fillings and traumatic injuries to the teeth in an accident.


Removable dentures are the most common replacement treatment for missing teeth however not everyone can tolerate them well. Many denture wearers struggled and suffered in silence with pain and looseness, finding it hard to enjoy their favourite food daily. Sometimes the reduced confidence of denture wearer is worsened with embarrassing dislodgement of denture publicly.


Do see your dentist to find out which implant treatment is more suitable for you. Sometimes, complex dental or medical conditions may make the implant not suitable.

Dr Au Eong Kah Chuan

Single Implant
Single Implant